Review Policy

I am always excited to discover new authors and review books. All the books I read need to have some kind of romance (at least a little) for me to read them though because I am a romantic type girl.

Currently I accept (in no preference order):

YA, NA, Urban, Steampunk, Dystopian, Contemporary, Serials (though I prefer to get these all at once), Paranormal, Chick-lit, Historical, Multi-Cultural, and Women’s fiction.

 If it is part of a series I need the ones that came before unless they are free on Amazon.

I accept print and digital. Digital must be a PDF or through Kindle.

If you ask for me to review a book I reserve the right to refuse if I wish. Sometimes random things just turn me off starting a book.

All of my reviews are my honest opinion. I usually try to only post reviews of books I liked because I personally don’t like putting bad reviews out there because I have so much respect for anyone that can write a book. If I end up not liking a book and it will get less than 3 stars, I probably won’t post a review. Sometimes I will though, its very case by case.

If you wish me to review it by a certain date or want the post on a certain date let me know.

I try to post reviews the day the books come out, but sometimes they come later. I have book ADD in that I sometimes get books, but get distracted by other books and it takes me longer to go back and read.

I post reviews on this blog, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, NG (if that’s where I got it) and BandN. If you would like it posted somewhere else, please let me know and I will try to post it there.

Please feel free to email me at







I am also a part-time publicist so if you are an author I would love to meet you (even though its through e-mail).

In accordance with FTC Regulations:

Some of the books I review I was given for free in return for my honest opinion on a variety of sites such as this blog, my Goodreads, Twitter, Amazon and BandN. I receive no monetary compensation for any of my reviews. For books that I got for free I will state at the end of the review that this is the case.

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