What I Read This Weekend…Dark Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow

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The Lightbringer: Theodora Morgan knows she’s a little strange. Her talent for healing has set her apart, marked her as different all her life-a life spent moving from town to town when too much notice is taken of her abilities. Unfortunately, her talent for healing has brought her to the attention of the Crusade-and the Dark. The Crusade wants her dead because she’s psychic, the Dark wants to feed on her talent-and then there’s Dante. Tall and grim and armed with black-bladed knives, guns and a sword, he says he’s here to protect her. But what if Theo needs protection from him? The Watcher: Dante is a Watcher, sworn by Circle Lightfall to protect the Lightbringers. His next assignment? Watch over Theo. She doesn’t know she’s a Lightbringer, she doesn’t know she’s surrounded by enemies-and she doesn’t know she’s been marked for death by a bunch of fanatics. Perfect. He can’t protect her if she doesn’t trust him, but how can she possibly trust a man scarred by murder and warfare-a man who smells like the same Darkness Theo has been running from all her life?


I was looking for a good new paranormal book and found this one. It sounded intriguing so I was excited to read it. This book is apparently a revised edition of a book that came out years ago. I haven’t read the first edition. This edition I thought was good. I have only read her Strange Angel novels, which I loved. They are YA though so I was interested to read one of her adult novels. This book was a very light romance. By that I mainly mean there is only about two kissing scenes so its a clean romance if that’s what you prefer. I usually prefer not as clean romance novels, but it worked really well for this novel. The paranormal aspects of this novel were a little confusing to me. I have a feeling that that is less so with the other books in this series as long as you read the previous ones. That is how it was with her Strange Angel novels too. Those were confusing at first, but the more books I read the clearer and better everything became. It was a steady introduction to a new series. It was more predictable at times, but I didn’t mind it. The pacing was fine. Pacing is a key factor for me if I like a book or not.

Character development was sorely lacking for me in this novel. I saw that with the Strange Angel series as well so it wasn’t a huge suprise, but I can see it disappointing other readers. You get no background information about the heroine and almost nothing about the hero. There was a little more with the hero, but still nothing of significance. You also get no information really about the paranormal society besides what things are. You don’t really know how it works together.

Overall I did like this book and would love to read the next ones.

4/5 stars!

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