What I Read This Weekend…The Morph by J.C. Andrijeski

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.17.11 PMSynopsis: Dakota Reyes, a twenty-something private eye who specializes in what she calls ‘hard-to-prosecute’ cases, finds herself in a dark alley one night, about to end up dead at the hands of a young Ted Bundy in training…that is, until a lost, shape-shifting alien named Nihkil rescues her, and inadvertently takes her home with him. The problem is, his home is in a different dimension, and Dakota has no clue how to get back to Seattle, or Earth, or even her own time period. She finds herself bound to her rescuer, Nihkil, through his ‘lock,’ a quasi-biological structure that controls whether he can shape-shift, among other things, which he needs to be able to do in order to get her back home. Only Dakota has no idea how to open Nik’s lock, and the longer she spends in his world, the more forces begin to align against them, trying to prevent her from getting home.


Review: This book took me a while to read. It starts out kind of slow. That being said it is a long book and it took me till about 40% into the book for me to really get into the story. The beginning is not an attention grabber. The rest of the book is and I was shocked when I finished how much I liked it considering how much I hated it when I started. Overall a really interesting story. A little too complicated for me at times. I was thoroughly confused at some parts about what was going on. Of course Dakota was confused as well so maybe that was the point? I just didn’t like being that confused that much in a book. Our main character of Dakota was an ok heroine. She was tough and could kick butt which I liked, but did and said some stupid things at times. Also important to note that this is a clean romance. Hardly any kissing in it all which is actually something that I like knowing going in.

Nik was pretty cool. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, but usually when I do I like it. This book was just a little bit too much for me ergo the 4/5 stars. There was just a lot to absorb about this book and the world that I was too confused for most of the book and you get tired of waiting for things to become clear.

The writing style was good and there was a surprise I wasn’t expecting. Characterization was alright. Also I am assuming since they call this Book 1 there will be more which would be interesting to read. I had never read a book by this author and if you are a die-hard sci-fi fan you will probably love this book. If you are not big into sci-fi you will probably give up before you get to the good part of the story, but in the end I did really enjoy it.


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