What To Pre-Order This Week…Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.08.05 PMAs usual Nalini Singh nailed it! This story was seen sort of from a previous novel, Rock Addiction. I was really excited to get the story that we only got to hear about in Rock Addiction.

Charlotte was pretty adorable. She really grew throughout the novel. She learned how to be more confident and stand up for herself which was nice to see. The trauma that she experienced was not as talked about as Molly’s in Rock Addiction, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Singh made you aware and had it effect certain things about Charlotte, but there wasn’t a full focus on it like it was in Rock Addiction.

Gaberial was amazing! He was absolutely wonderful and I loved that she nicknames him T-Rex. It was adorable. I really liked his family in this book too. He had his own issues and Charlotte was able to help him deal with them. Plus there is something sexy about a guy who has a big family that he is close with 🙂

Overall just another great read from Nalini Singh!

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