What I Read This Weekend…Play Date by Kate Donovan

Play Date


When quarterback Johnny Spurling cancels his blind date with Rachel Gillette on account of matrimony, she cheerfully agrees to a substitution – Sean Decker, another hunk in the NFL’s feared Triple Threat. But love doesn’t spark between the adorable kicker and the kindergarten teacher, and she wonders if she’s destined to sit on the bench forever.

No one is crazy enough to match Rachel with the third member of the Triple Threat. Bam Bannerman is Thor-like of body, potty of mouth, and hot as hell. And when he spots the classy blonde at Johnny’s wedding, he’s determined to have some fun. Sure, she’s prim and proper, but he’s Bam, isn’t he? So no problem.

To Rachel, who’s tired of being ignored and rejected, the rowdy halfback is a hilarious change of pace. They sneak away, he rocks her world, then she fondly bids him farewell.

But Bam isn’t done scoring, and before Rachel knows what’s hit her she’s enjoying weekly hookups with the irrepressible stud. When a heartsick Sean signals he might want to get back into the, she suddenly finds herself with her hands full—and discovers her arms, and maybe even her heart, are full too

Review: First let me say that I haven’t read the other books in this series. It made me feel at a slight disadvantage at some points, but it is possible to keep up. It wasn’t too confusing but I can see how reading the previous novels would have made it better. Anyway I really enjoyed this story. Bam is one of the sweetest guys. He also was overall just a good guy. He wasn’t complicated or moody or broody. He looks like Thor and he is sweet. What more could a girl want?

Now I don’t like kids, don’t want kids and don’t really care about kids. However Rachel was a kindergarten teacher and the author worked that into the story really well. Kids were a part of this book and it worked really well. Rachel also had the cutest house! The story, aka the Rachel and Bam relationship ends when you are about 80% through the book and the rest is focused on Sean and just make you anticipate the next book even more.

Now part of the confusing part of this book is that besides Bam and Rachel’s relationship there is Sean. Sean starts to have an affair with a women he has been in love with for years. Her name is Kerrie and she is CRAZY. The guys all mention that she is unstable at the end of the book and the girls all disagree. I found her to be completely insane from the get go. She really seems like she should be on some medication which is never mentioned. I will say that it made me want to read the next book ASAP. I am really hoping that Kerrie is not his HEA because I’m pretty sure she should be institutionalized.

Overall I really liked this story. Bam was very funny, immature at times, but also very sweet. I liked the authors writing and will be keeping an eye out for her books in the future!

4/5 stars!

~I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review~

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