What To Read This Weekend…Some Fine Day by Kate Ross

One Fine Day Cover by Kat RossI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here is my latest read for the weekend!


A generation ago, continent-sized storms called hypercanes caused the Earth to flood. The survivors were forced to retreat deep underground and build a new society.

This is the story that sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist has heard all of her life.

Jansin grew up in a civilization far below the Earth’s surface. She’s spent the last eight years in military intelligence training. So when her parents surprise her with a coveted yet treacherous trip above ground, she’s prepared for anything. She’s especially thrilled to feel the fresh air, see the sun, and view the wide-open skies and the ocean for herself.

But when raiders attack Jansin’s camp and take her prisoner, she is forced to question everything she’s been taught. What do her captors want? How will she get back underground? And if she ever does, will she want to stay after learning the truth?


Review: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I was surprised by it. This was a book that I kept thinking of more as a movie than as a book. The plot was very complicated, but the pace was good. There were a lot of characters to keep up with though that it got a little complicated. I was confused more than once on who was who. I am assuming that there will be a sequel. The ending left the reader wondering who was alive and who wasn’t and what had happened really to a variety of characters. It had a very typical scary movie ending that leaves the reader guessing that I am not sure that I liked. I just see that type of ending so much in movies that I wanted more out of a book than what I got. The fact that the main character didn’t have any friends before being captured was hard to believe. I just wanted her to have more connection between her and her life at home than she did. I loved the connection between her and her parents though. That is rare to see nowadays in books where both parents are there and they care. The world that Kat Ross created was an interesting one. It was dystopian but so very different from other dystopian books that are out now which I appreciated. Overall I really enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel (assuming there is one!)


41pwywI7HxL._UX250_Author Bio: I was born in New York City and worked at a bunch of different jobs before going into journalism and then creative writing. The worst low-wage job I ever had was probably bike messenger, because it entailed at least one near death experience per hour. Coat check girl at a Soho club was the best: I could sit on a stool, openly reading a book, and usually ended the night with more tips than the bartenders.

I have a beagle, a ginger cat, a black cat, and five fish. We used to have a hamster but the cat…yeah, he ate it. My daughter and I recently, on impulse, purchased a zebra finch from Petco and released it because I really can’t stand to see birds in cages. Later found out it’s native to Australia. Whoops.

Some random but semi-interesting things about me:
I have my diving license but you could never get me into an underwater cave because I would literally die/explode from claustrophobia.
I can do handstands, although I still fall a lot.
I’ve been to the Pyramids at Giza and rode a camel.
I was a punk rocker in the eighties, so I got to see bands like the Bad Brains, Dead Kennedies and Motorhead live. Drawback: my haircut was hilarious.
I’ve been carjacked by masked bandits with guns in El Salvador.
When I travelled in Europe after college, I pretended to be Canadian. People are a lot nicer to you


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