What To Read This Weekend…Once More With Feeling by Megan Crane

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.15.58 PMOnce More With Feeling by Megan Crane

I don’t really understand why this title is what it is. It doesn’t make sense to me. I am really not sure if I liked this book. Hence the three star review. I liked the character a lot, but her inner monologue at times was just a little much and confusing. I was very confused sometimes as to why she did what she did or even why she didn’t do. The dialogue was good.


This story was more focused on how we get to where we do than a relationship. I found it a little confusing at times because the things that the reader finds out with Sarah about how she got there. She apparently just blocks out her 20’s and her friends for no reason to me. Also her non-hatred of people sometimes drove me crazy. She thought she hated people and then she didn’t or didn’t act upon it. This book goes deep into how much of a good wife are you supposed to be when your husband cheats on you and I didn’t always agree with the way Sarah handle it.


The pace was good. How she reconnected with her past was interesting and something that I think a lot of people wish that they could do.


I really liked Alec and I was upset that we didn’t get more information on why he has such commitment issues. There was a tease in there about it, but it never went anywhere and I was curious.


I wish there was more to the epilogue. I’m just confused to at what she actually ended up doing. What happened back home or with Alec? These were just things that I wanted to know and felt the reader was left hanging a bit.


3/5 stars


Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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