What To Read This Weekend…Riding Steele Serial #1-5 by Opal Carew

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HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!! Here is a serial to keep you busy through the holiday weekend!



Note: I received a copy of serial #1-5 in exchange for an honest review. This review is for the first five in this serial. There are six total.

I really liked a lot of parts of this serial set. Some parts seemed a little quick, but I know that is just part of the serial idea. Things are more rushed than in a normal novel.


The first serial definitely gets you hooked. There are so many mysteries that the author leaves you with. The second and third serial were not as good as the first. The constant ‘Let me try to escape, I’m better off on my own, I don’t approve of your lifestyle” dialogue from our main character just got really old. I love MC books. This was a different kind of MC book. The lifestyle that they live is a little confusing to me. Its almost more like a gypsy style living than MC. I guess I was just expecting different MC lifestyle than the one presented in this book. Also from the reading I have done about MC, this didn’t seem like a real realistic depiction of it.


I know it was erotica and all of those aspects of it were good. I thought they were interesting and well-written.


Besides being attracted to her, I didn’t know how the couple connected that well. Besides protecting her, I didn’t have an ‘A-ha’ moment where I thought I saw an actual connection outside of being attracted to each other. Again, as an erotic, I know that happens sometimes, but still. I liked the story. The ending was good. I was disappointed to see that this is not the last one. There have to be more to come.



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