Refuge (Relentless Volume 2) by Karen Lynch Release Day!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.03.09 PMDescription: To keep the people she loves safe, Sara left everything she knew behind. She soon learns this new world is nothing like her old one, and she struggles to make a place for herself among the Mohiri. But it soon becomes apparent to Sara and to everyone one around her that she is not your typical warrior. As the weeks pass, Sara builds new relationships, copes with her new trainers, and tries to manage her ever-changing powers, while keeping her unique heritage a secret. Looming in the background is the constant shadow of the Master who will do anything to find her. Sara finds herself on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers her true strengths and awakens a part of her she never knew existed. She experiences the delight of new friendships, the sweetness and pain of first love, and a loss so deep it could be the thing that finally breaks her. At the end of it all, she discovers that the one place she was supposed to be safe might not be the refuge she thought it was.



Review: I LOVED this book! I found the first one randomly on Amazon one day and once I finished I was hoping there would be a sequel and there is! This was wonderful. It was a really great continuation of the story of Sara. The school is so cool! I loved that Sara got some new friends. There is a betrayal that you don’t see coming (at least I didn’t). There are finally some secrets revealed and there are so many amazing things that happen!!!! Also, can we talk about Nikolas! If you thought you loved him in the first one, you will fall even harder for him in this one!!! You learn so much about them and their relationship and it just makes you crave even more!!!!

I don’t have anything bad to say about this book. I wish you got more answers to questions and the ending is a huge cliffhanger, but I am hoping everything will be revealed/resolved in the final books, because YES THERE IS GOING BE ONE MORE!!! It’s going to be a while, which sucks, but I will wait with patience because this story is too amazing to miss!!!

5/5 stars!



~I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review~


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