What I Read This Weekend…RUSHED by Gina Robinson

Rushed by Gina RobinsonRushed by Gina Robinson Review


This book is a great insight into how the Greek system at college campuses works. I was most impressed with the descriptions about rush than anything. Mainly because I have read books lately about rush and they are incorrect in my opinion on how rush actually works and I have seen rush at small and large universities. So great job there.


The pace of the story was decent. When it started it was a little slow for me, but part of that came from the fact that I knew she would get in the house so it was almost like wasted time to talk about the process and everything leading up to it, but I understood why it was there. For the most part I liked the main character. It was a little frustrating that she didn’t seem to get the her friend Em was not actually her friend. At times it seemed liked she was and others it didn’t. That friendship just seemed really complicated and I didn’t like it. I also would have liked her to have an actual friend somewhere. It didn’t seem like she had a good secondary character to turn to when things got complicated. Also her mother confused me at times. There was her continually demand that she be in the house, but then she talks about how her mother wasn’t popular or it wasn’t a popular house when her mother was there. Her mom was such a snob about everything and it was hard to imagine how she got to acting like that in the first place if the sorority wasn’t the best when she was there. Some of the relationships were just not very clear.


The couple also seemed to fall in love rather quickly. When they said ‘I love you’, it just threw me off. I thought I had missed something. It was like I blinked and there we were and I wasn’t sure how we got to this point.


I had a hard time believing that our main guys parents would be that horrible. Mainly in cutting him off. I just really don’t understand how if your parents would hate you enough to cut you off in terms of paying for school. Even if they hate you, but they can pay for school, they will probably pay for school. Also once they got caught there was a quick turnaround, literally the next page of a bunch of other stuff going down. That again was like I blinked, and there we were. Wasn’t sure how we jumped that quickly but we did.


Both the characters seemed to grow, him more than her. However I did like that they grew at least a little. I didn’t think we got enough background on our girl. It was almost like the start of rush was the start of her life. I mean she talked about her family, but that was just her parents.


Also, by the end there were a lot of loose ends so I assuming there is going to be a second book. Too much was left unanswered for there not to be like what happened to Jordan, what’s going on with Kayla and the geeky guy, and etc.

This may make it seem like I didn’t like the book, but I did.

Note: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.


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