What to Read This Weekend…Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.30.27 AMThis is the first book by Lizzy Ford that I read and I loved it!


It was all very fun. I love succubus and incubus stories. Zoey didn’t seem to have a lot of character development, but she is kick-butt and sassy. I know the sequel comes out this week so I am hoping there is more character development in the sequel.


How the society works is a little confusing for me. I actually have read this book twice, but I am not totally clear still on how the society works. The depth of the plot was really great though. It was all very complicated and intricate that I think just speaks to the quality of writer Lizzy is. I have to say at first though it seemed like there should have been books before this one. I thought I had missed a book, but nope. I really want her to write novellas at least for some of Zoey’s friends and their relationships because that was where I felt I had missed something.


I liked our hero. He was fun. Very alpha and demanding. I liked that he and her both ran from the relationship instead of just one. However he resigns himself to the relationship faster which I liked. Her personality is to fight which she does, but I wish she would have accepted it sooner.


The excessive drinking was also worrisome. I know the girls partied and drank, but to do that much was a little odd to me. I just didn’t know why you would want to fight while intoxicated or even get drunk every night. That just seems like it would get old. Also when she loses memories she isn’t worried at all when she should be. There was just a lot of nativity in Zoey and her friends at times that was annoying. I just didn’t like that they didn’t question things more even though I can understand why they don’t.


Really excited for the sequel which releases next week!


4.5/5 stars

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