What To Read This Weekend…Gage by Tess Oliver

Gage by Tess Oliver


I was so excitedScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.26.53 AM to read this book. I really liked Gage while I was reading the first ‘book’ in the Barringer Brother series, which was actually a serial. I loved that he was basically like a hot lumberjack. That was just different for a character to what I usually read. The cameos by Jericho and our other Barringer brother, Seth, were fun. I am still really curious to see what Tess does with Jericho because at this point she must do something with him! He needs a good woman!


The heroine in this I liked more than I thought I would. Reading the blurb I wasn’t convinced I would like her, but I did. There was still something blocking me from connecting with her completely and still not sure what that was, but I did like her. I was surprised at the backstory with her. I didn’t see it coming and again it was a different type of character in that way which was great. I did hate that she enabled her mom as much as she did. Her mom demands things and she gives them to her without a fight. I wanted her to tell her to shove it sooner and especially not give up part of her inheritance. That really bothered me.


I liked how everything worked out in the end and am excited to see what happens next in the Barringer Brother world. Can’t wait to see the next book!


4.5/5 stars

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