Pre-Order of the Week…Deception by K.A. Robinson


Please note: This isn’t your typical love story. Things are messy.
Characters aren’t always what they appear to be. Wrong decisions are made. If
you’re not a fan of the darker side of love, this might not be the book for
you. Read at your own risk.
I’m strong—or at least, I want to be. I try to be. Oh, how I’ve tried.But life screwed me over. When I was at my weakest and lowest, desperate and
alone, he found me.

Robert changed everything. He gave me everything.

He was every woman’s dream—rich, powerful, and charming. He made me forget the
fact that he’s twenty-four years my senior.

He made me feel alive, and for the first time in my life, I was content.

Until I met Cooper—his son.

And Robert? He began to change.

I’m despicable. I know I am. I’m ashamed of what I want.

Things are never what they seem.






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