What to Read This Weekend…Finding Fate Series by Chelsea Fine

Ok so there are three of these books out so far by the amazing Chelsea Fine. The Finding Fate is each a different couple who are connected in some way or another to the people from the previous one. I love everything by Chelsea Fine and these were not an exception.


Best Kind of BrokenBEST KIND OF BROKEN Finding Fate 1: Honestly, I read this a while ago. I tried to re-read it, but couldn’t wait to read the second one so I kinda skimmed it the second time. It does start out a little slow for me, but it is good. It was one though that I did like, but its not one of my favorites by Chelsea Fine. Characters are good and it does set up well for the other two books.



4/5 stars














PERFECT KIND OF TROUBLEPERFECT KIND OF TROUBLE, Finding Fate 2: This one was better than the first one. I really liked it. It’s my second favorite in the series so far. I really liked both of the main characters in this one. The entire scavenger hunt idea did get a little old after a while though. Just because it sounds like something they can do in one sitting, but of course it takes them DAYS. The ending was really sweet though. I wasn’t totally on board with it until the very end, then I fell in love with it.

Both characters had so many issues and while it doesn’t seem like they worked through a lot of their current problems, they did grow as people and can now deal more with those outside issues. I would love an epilogue from these characters a few years down the road because they were both just so cute.


4/5 stars










RIGHT KIND OF WRONGRIGHT KIND OF WRONG, Finding Fate 3: This was my favorite one! I really liked this book. The plot and the characters were great! My favorite couple to date. I also think he is my favorite guy so far in this series! But I like bad boys 😉

The plot was really well developed. The characters developed well. Probably my favorite part was that our guy was very no-nonsense. He didn’t fight his feelings at all which was a nice change of pace. He knew they were inevitable from the begging and was ok with it. I just really liked that. Our girl got a little irritating with her denial, but it wasn’t too bad. My favorite one in the series!


4.5/5 stars



A great way to spend a weekend is reading these books!

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