Unstoppable by Melody GraceThis book starts out really well. The opening scene was interesting enough that you want to keep going. The writing style isn’t bad. There are chapters from his and her POV. Most of them are from her POV though and I wanted more from his POV. Mainly because just doing it every once in a while is weird to me. Either commit and do POV back and forth or not at all. Also would have been cool to get a POV from the characters in the next book to get an idea of where that’s headed. Just a little peak so that the torture of waiting for the story is that much better. It makes me want to read the next book more when I get a little insight into the characters in the next book.


This was also a book that you can read at a slower pace and be ok with. Some books I read I have to read in one sitting. I just can’t stop. However if you need to stop aka need to sleep because you work then this book will let you do it. Its good enough that you get excited to start it again, but also can stop and go to sleep or go do whatever it is you need to do. Since I read this during the week it workout for me. I like to save books I can’t stop reading for the weekend when I actually have that time to dedicate to read them.


Now this is a book you can read as a standalone, but it is part of a series. It takes place in the same area with characters that are interconnected. It wasn’t bad to read as a standalone, but I think you get more out of it if you have read the others. Plus you fall in love with certain characters and the following books allow you to check in with them.


The ending felt a little easy. I felt like we were building up to more of a climax than what actually happened. Also I want to know what happens more to the characters. I guess that can come from the next book since it deals with characters in the same universe and even the same family. However I think there is a way to give the reader a little more without giving anything away for the next book. I just really wanted to get more of where the characters go because its very up in the air. She doesn’t have a life plan and he doesn’t either. Its very much “Where do we go from here?” without answering that question. I like answers so I wanted to know.





4/5 stars

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