Pre-Order for the Week Rain Shadow Book 5 by Tess Oliver!

Rain Shadow Book 5 Cover

Rain Shadow Book 5 Cover

Finally after a couple months of waiting to know how everything will end, Rain Shadow Book 5 is about to come out! Published next Wednesday, September 24th Angel and Luke’s story comes to a conclusion.

Blurb: When Angel Sharpe first discovered Luke Barringer, lying in the desert near death from thirst, she quickly realized that he would change her life forever. But never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that he would turn her world inside out.


Now the good news is that another Barringer Brother will have his own story and I am so excited about that story!

Here is my review!

I LOVED IT! I thought the ending was great. I believe that each volume gets better and this is no exception!










I knew from the third book that she would be the Starlight baby. I’m pretty sure many others guessed this as well. That did not diminish the actual reveal and aftermath from that storyline at all though. I mean I would have liked to have been shocked, but this was also just very cute. I love that her real parents are doctors.


I was also a little curious about Cash so I was glad to see more of him here than in other volumes. I am hoping that he gets a HEA though so maybe a side story in another Barringer or just a short novella?


Jericho I still love. I was really hoping that he would go back to log with Gabe and marry the women we met in Volume 4 who lost her husband. I was surprised when his storyline changed course and he went back to the MC. I am hoping that we see more of him because I want him to have a HEA, but now I am not so sure what will happen with our beloved Jericho. (I do love that name though).


I did like Luck and Angel throughout the book. They are not my favorite couple from Tess Oliver, but they were good. I am hoping that the other Barringer Brothers will prove to have amazing relationships that I love more.


I really wanted a more extended epilogue, but since there is more to come from the Barringer Brothers series hopefully at the very end we can learn more about what happens to our happy, first couple!






I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review


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