What To Read This Weekend–STORM SIREN by Mary Weber Review–Not Typical YA Formula Novel

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STORM SIREN by Mary Weber Review

I received a ARC of this book at BEA this past May. I just randomly picked it up because the cover is GORGEOUS! Seriously. It is such a great cover that really grabs attention so I applaud the cover designer for that.


When I started this book I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I’ve read plenty of books before with beautiful covers that ended up not being that great. That was absolutely NOT TRUE in this case.


I thought this book was great. I really loved the characters. I really liked Nym because she just seems like a really strong character. She doesn’t back down and I really like that.


GUY TIME! Let’s talk about the gorgeous man in this book. Firstly, I LOVE that this couple is interracial. People talk all the time about the lack of diversity in books and I just loved that there was this different aspect. One of many surprises that just made the whole book better. He was also just really wonderful. Great guy, loved him and excited to see where this goes.


It is a little confusing throughout the book because of the world. There isn’t a lot of world building explanation. If it started out explaining the world or a glossary even explaining all the different words or names would have helped. Be prepared to be a little confused about what is going on, but the story itself was really great. The pace was also really nice.


I have recommended this to friends and they have mentioned that it is badly written. I honestly didn’t notice that. Partly because I was so engrossed in the story. If you can engross me in the story enough I miss poor writing it seems like, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I love stories so if you can tell a good story then I’m all for it. However if bad writing is something that bothers you, be prepared. I still think you should read it because those that mentioned that bad writing still loved the book (again because of the story).


I haven’t been as surprised by a novel in a while. To me it was like the Shatter Me trilogy almost, except this book had more surprises than even that series from the typical YA. I love when authors surprise me in books. Don’t get me wrong I have read excellent YA books that have those typical elements and that’s it. I just appreciated that this did different things than those typical YA elements.


Now it is common practice in YA to have a love triangle. I was excited to see that this didn’t happen, at least yet.


Also it came to my attention that it is published by the religious imprint of HarperCollins. THERE IS NO RELIGIOUS UNDERTONES, ASPECTS OR SITUATIONS. I don’t think any kind of religion is mentioned at all (at least one known in OUR world). 


Can’t say enough good things. I really loved this book.


4.5/5 mainly because of writing and confusion about world.




For this book I wanted to review more, but knew it would spoil for those that haven’t read it.


I really hated that her hair was dyed for most of the book, especially that it was dyed brown. I really love the idea of her long white hair. I wish it would have changed to blonde or black, just not brown. It feels like everything I read the girl has brown hair especially when they say they have ‘plain brown hair’ that makes them look ‘plain’. I don’t believe brown hair makes people look plain. Brown hair shouldn’t be the standard for being ‘plain’.


Also the king. Let’s talk about him. I thought she mentioned him enough that he will become very relevant in the second book (love triangle anyone?). Can’t wait to find out.


Let’s talk about the end! I really REALLY thought this would be a standalone book and when it ended I wanted to throw the book across the room. I could not believe that ending! It was one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever read.


Lastly, I was so surprised when the author kills off the brother and sister pair. It was one of those surprises that I mention earlier. It wasn’t typical YA formula and while I hated that they died, it was also more real that way. Very Game of Thrones.


I may just be stupid, but I can’t believe I missed the signs that you know who was really you know who. Even though I warn for spoilers I don’t even want to type this one out. I didn’t see that coming AT ALL!

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