Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan Review

4/5 Stars

Not gonna lie, this book definitely peaked my interest with the cover. The cover is fantastic. This is the first Lexi Ryan book that I have read and it was great. I finished in one sitting because I couldn’t stop reading, which is always the best kind of book.

I really liked the main character. She had her more annoying moments, but overall she was great. I felt like her backstory really flowed and made sense. The boys, William and Asher, were both great. Both were different and both in love with her, but good guys.

I was actually nervous as to which she was going to end up with throughout the book. Towards the end I got it, but I was actually questioning what I had first assumed about the guys which never happens. I really loved that part of Ryan’s writing. I read a lot of books and if you can get me to question which guy she will end up with then I am an immediate fan.

I liked the flow of the story and the different perspectives. Sometimes I felt like we hopped to one to another without a finish of the day before, but not a big deal because the story was good. This was a really complex story with a lot of different aspect and characters and I was worried at first that it would be too much, but it was written well enough that it was fine.

Some negatives…at the beginning I noticed that she said “little sister” and then later she calls that sister her “older sister” and it threw me off. Also it seemed like Maggie went back and forth between loving and hating her sisters and her family. I felt like more could have been done with her dog and just more detail in general. I think she could have added twenty pages in just detail and it wouldn’t have taken anything away from the book. The timeline was also crazy. I am still a little confused, but it seemed like the event she ran away from came about after a month of the relationship. Also the sister and her old beau started dating and got engaged in only a year? LIke the wedding was a year later? That seems really soon. So I wish the timeline was more broad. I also wanted to know how old these guys were because its something that I am always just interested in. It wasn’t that big of a deal here, but it just bothers me in general when authors don’t do this.

I feel like this is a mixed review, but I really did enjoy the book. It was great and I am hoping for follow up books with these characters to come out.

Has anyone else read the book? What did you think?

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